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Welcome to the one and only LiveJournal community for Outward Bound alumni and other interested people!!!

We, the maintainers, are both alumnae of the North Carolina school, but we hope that won't be the limit of this community. Bring your Outward Bound stories from all over the country and the world, and your non-Outward Bound stories!

If you're thinking of going on an OB course or some other kind of outdoor leadership course, you've found the right place for advice! We live and breathe our OB experiences!

Anyway, have fun!!

~Caroline [queen_aerinha@yahoo.com] and Carolyn [_estrellas@livejournal.com]


Outward Bound USA: This is the main site for all the United States Outward Bound schools. You'll find links to region-specific schools there.

Outward Bound International: This site includes listings of all the OB schools worldwide.

National Outdoor Leadership School: NOLS is the other big outdoor school in the US. Their courses have slightly different emphases than Outward Bound. While NOLS has international basecamps, the school is mainly located in the western part of the US.

And last, but not least, be a goose.